Daniel Haire

UPS Illustration Guidelines

March 2013


Moxie Interactive

Illustration, Branding

The Task

UPS has recently undergone a brand refresh which required an updated style guide and the addition of a few visual elements. My team at Moxie was tasked with the creation of several visuals that would help shape the future of how UPS handled their illustration style company-wide. I had the pleasure of concepting and executing a variety of illustrations that were to be used for social media posts and digital marketing. A comprehensive illustration guide was assembled to assist other agencies to create designs consistent with those that we developed. 

The Outcome

Inspiration was gathered from unlikely sources: Paul Rand, data visualization, storage furniture, and Legos. All of these sources played an integral role in shaping the illustration style that we developed. Working with massive companies usually restricts the amount of creativity you have due to strict branding guidelines and ill-percieved customer reception, UPS is an exception. 


Much of the illustration style is inspired by Paul Rand’s use of simple geometry. His playful style allowed him to approach serious subject matter in a friendly tone. Rand also has a very significant history with UPS; he created iconic shield logo that is still party in use today.

Selection of visuals for UPS Canada's small business  Twitter account  

Selection of visuals for UPS Canada's small business Twitter account