Daniel Haire

Bloomberg Markets Illustration

Bloomberg Markets Wall Street Illustration

February 2013

Client: Bloomberg Markets


The Task

Bloomberg Markets asked me to create an illustration for a story on Wall Street that appeared in the April 2014 issue.  
The client requested that I recreate the buildings on Wall Street so that a diagram could be created around them displaying copy on each office. Eleven buildings in total were designed. I worked with an art director at Bloomberg Markets who had already done a great deal of research on the buildings (height, width, history, specs) which, admittedly, was a relief. That information is harder to come by than some would think. 


The Outcome

Wall Street, while dull and mind-numbing to some, proved to be an overwhelmingly interesting location in New York (in an architectural sense, that is) that serves as an archive for many building styles over the past century. The client was very happy with the finished design.

Reference imagery used to create buildings. 

I assigned Daniel to a complex architectural illustration on a tight deadline and he came through with great quality work.
— Tim Vienckowski, Art Director


I learned a great deal about the early days of Wall Street and how it has become the swarming financial district it is today. This was my first large editorial illustration (design bucket list item #22) that I have worked on and I hope for many more to come.